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Summer Breeze Rider Support and FAQ's

Q. What happens if our event is rained out?
A.  The Ride will proceed rain or shine.


Q. What is the Arrival Time?
A. Recommended arrival time for century riders: 6:30AM. The other riders can leave from Polson anytime between 7:00 and 10:30 a.m. but must be responsible to keep a pace that will have them off the road and back to the school by 2:00 p.m.


Q. What Kind of Support Do You Provide?
A. Sag Support stops and the routes are swept for remaining riders at 3:00 PM. Any remaining riders may elect to follow the map and route markings on their own.


Q. What if I Cannot Complete the Ride?
A. If you cannot continue the ride due to physical or mechanical issues, move to the side of the road and flag down RIDE SUPPORT. We have SAG vehicles to transport you and  your bike back to Polson


Q. What Happens if I Have a Mechanical Problem?
A. Bike Repair: Sweepers and Pit Stops.  We encourage you to service your bike before the event! However, if your bike encounters a problem on the ride, flag down RIDE SUPPORT (sweeper or marshal) for assistance. We have several great local bike shops that are there to help. TIP: we highly recommend you bring a spare tube.


Q. How can I use my companies matching funds?
A. Yes, we encourage the use of corporate matching funds programs as a way to help your team reach its fundraising goal. Email Help@FANgolf.com and we will send you the appropriate documentation.


Q. I signed up but something has come up and I can’t participate?
A. Substitutes are allowed up to 24 hours prior to the local event date.  Cancellations are requested 72 hours prior to your local event.


Q. Can I raise money for the charity even if I don’t participate in an event?
A. Yes, you can donate directly to the charity you want to support. Use the 'Donate Directly' option under the Donate Tab.  Those funds go directly to support you cause.